EEUG Links

A set of Internet sites likely to be of interest to EEUG members

The original EEUG Website froze some time ago, but is still accessible and may contain some information of interest.


Name URL Notes
EDEC The Electronic Design Education Consortium. Closely associated with EEUG, and with the Teaching and Learning Technology Programme, this group electronics courseware.
101 Computer Hardware Links
Like it says!
The Hardware Book
Connector pinouts, cables, adaptors
IEEE 1284
The PC parallel port.
ePanorama PC hardware page
(used to be Tomi Egdahl's PC hardware page)
Buses, drivers, components.
The ECAD Initiative
At RAL - but you knew about this anyway?
At RAL - but you knew about this one too?
Data Bookshelf
Directory of links for data sheets.
US Patent and Trademark Office
Searchable for full details of all US patents since 1976, free.
University of Nebraska-Lincoln
Useful set of notes titled "Electronic Prototyping: Tips and Pitfalls".
Alex's Electronic Test Bench
Pages of links.
Electronics Links from Steve Hutto (aka PonyGT)
Links to useful sites - some feature on this list, some are out of date.
comp.arch.fpga archive
Structured archive of the programmable logic newsgroup.
FPGA related WWW Links
Structured directory of links to companies and resources.
FPGA newsgroup
(also covers PLDs)
Great fun watching people slag off dodgy providers and buggy software.

Really useful for getting help of all sorts.

Embedded systems
You want to run an RTOS on a PIC or 8051? Find out what the problems are.
CAD newsgroup
What people think of Protel, OrCAD etc.
Y2K newsgroup
UK discussion on the millenium bug and related matters such as Unix date rollover - minimal spillover of crazed US survivalist nonsense.
All you wanted to know about the Universal Serial Bus.
A first class freeware editor, sadly no longer being developed. Final version 1.01 still downloadable.
The iRX
See what you can do with a PIC.

Now updated to version 2.1!

The Linux/IR Project
irDA and Linux - it can be done, probably.

Plus lots of useful links.

Look-up centre, seach engine and lots of links about electronics and components.
Significant Patents
A collection of .pdf patents significant for electronics, downloadable.

This page last updated 2001 June 12 - all links were functional at that date.