Workshop 2005

The workshop 2005 topic will be:

"Teaching Modern Digital Systems: System on a Chip design, fabrication and test"



On arrival at the university, registration will take place in the Department of Electronic Systems Engineering, Main Foyer, Square 1. 

Accommodation will be in the Josephine Butler House, Ground Floor. If arriving by car, then you will require a parking permit. 

These permits can be obtained from the workshop registration desk. Parking is available outside the Josephine Butler House.

Room keys are to be collected from the conference centre after workshop resgistration. 

Room check out is by 9.30am on the 8th September.


The EEUG Mobile phone will be switched on from 2pm on the 7th until 5pm on the 8th September. This can be accessed if required. The phone number is :-


Last Update: 2nd September 2005