Educational ECAD User Group

Autumn Workshop 2005

7th - 8th September 2005

University of Essex, UK




Call for Contributions


Digital systems design has undergone a revolution over the last decade with the introduction of hardware description languages (HDLs) and the latest generation field programmable gate arrays (FPGAs). Where once complex digital systems could only be discussed within the classroom environment, the ability to incorporate the cost-effective physical design and prototyping of complex “System in a Chip” (SoC) designs is a realistic option. The advances, if considered carefully, can be used to significantly enhance the teaching and learning of digital systems design from basic processor cores through to high-speed communications networks. The EEUG Autumn Workshop 2005 is to be held on the 7th-8th September 2005 at the University of Essex. Contributions are sought from those involved in (or have planned involvement in) teaching and research activities, in the following (but not exclusive) areas:-


EEUG membership is drawn from all areas of Electronics, Electrical Engineering, Computer Science and associated disciplines.  EEUG workshops bring together a wide range of practitioners to exchange news, views, experiences and opinions, and attracts an audience from a variety of Higher Education institutions, together with delegates from RAL and industry.  Information about previous workshops is available at the EEUG Website (, or from the EEUG Chairman (details below).


Three types of contribution will be sought:



Offers of contribution (title and brief synopsis (maximum 1 page) should be sent by 30th June 2005 (with full papers by 31st August 2005)), to:


Dr I A Grout

(Chair, EEUG)

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University of Limerick (Ollscoil Luimnigh)



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