Workshop 2003 Review

The workshop 2003 was held on 10th-11th September 2003 at Lancaster University. It provided a useful forum to discuss aspects relating to the teaching and research activities in the field of mechatronics.


Evening presentation

The evening presentation was provided by Peter James of Prodrive. A thorough and interesting presentation on the work undertaken within the company on automotive systems design and applications.



5 oral presentations and a presentation by Rob Eley from LTSN Engineering formed the workshop morning session. 

Demonstrations over lunch were given by Peter James on the Proteus System, LTSN Engeering and EDEC. The RAL roadshow provided an update into the Europractice software support and product portfolio.

In the afternoon, alongside the AGM, Erik Dagless provided an update of the EDEC software and John McLean provided the annual Europractice software support update and Microelectronics Support Centre (MSC) updates.


Annual General Meeting

The AGM was held in the afternoon of the 10th September. The AGM presentation slides are provided below. 


It should be noted that the meeting was attended by 14 people. This meant that the meeting was less than the 20 attendees required under the Constitution. The chair suggested that the AGM would proceed with those present and provisional decisions made. These would be put to the EEUG membership by the chair via email for a final decision.


Additional key points to note are:


Thanks to all those who contributed and attended the workshop. Additional thanks to Peter James from Prodrive fand Stephen Dickinson from Lancaster University for their invaluable input to the workshop.




Last Update: 1st November 2002